Introduction to Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Program at Citipointe offers an innovative and specialised music program designed specifically for Year 1 students.

The Introduction to Instrumental Music Course is for one semester (Terms 1 & 2 or Terms 3 & 4) and uses the keyboard and the violin as the introductory instruments. This course is designed to introduce Year 1 students to pre-instrumental music activities such as basic music reading, aural and rhythmic activities and basic theoretical concepts. These concepts are then related to the keyboard and the violin. Students are not required to have a keyboard or violin at home, although this would be beneficial.

Lessons are conducted in small groups each week, for 30 minutes during school time. At the completion of the course, students are encouraged to continue learning either the violin or the piano.

Enrolments into this course are limited. Once enrolments for Semester 1 are filled, students will be enrolled into Semester 2 lessons (i.e. Terms 3 & 4).

To enrol your students in this program, please complete the enrolment form.

ENROLMENT FORM & FEE STRUCTURE - Year 1 Students Introduction to Instrumental Music

Student Information
The cost of the Introduction to Instrumental Course is $210 for one semester (i.e. terms 1 & 2 or Terms 3 & 4). This price covers all lessons and the cost of the text book used.
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