2018 enrollments now CLOSED – waiting list only available

Speech and Drama Enrolment [2018 enrollments now CLOSED – waiting list only available]

(If different to Parent/Guardian Name)

An email address that is regularly checked MUST BE PROVIDED. This is the main channel of communication used between tutors and parents/guardians.)

We endeavour to keep classes during school time (morning tea and lunch breaks.) However, we often need to add before and/or after school classes due to large numbers of enrolments. Given the choice between before school time or after school time, which would you prefer?

*10 minutes of eating time is allowed at the start of morning tea and lunchtime lessons, hence a total of 40 minutes. As eating time is not needed at the start of before or after school lessons, lessons held during these times are 30 mins long

We will do our best to take your preference into account and appreciate your understanding if we are not able to do so.
Lesson Details

Please select the type of lessons in which you wish to enrol your child. You may select more than one lesson type if you wish.

– Full price $132 per term (incl. GST) – EARLY BIRD PRICE $110 per term (incl. GST)

– Full price $154 per term (incl. GST) – EARLY BIRD PRICE $132 per term (incl. GST)

Please note all primary school private/small group lessons are held during regular school class time.

Upon reading the Speech and Drama Program Policies, I agree to abide by these conditions and to notify the School to Stage Creative Arts in writing of any queries or concerns.
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