Senior Preparation Years 9 – 10

Development of Passions

Students in Year 10 are asked to prepare for their years of Senior Schooling and to plan for their future career pathway, by focussing on the areas of their passion.  During this year, the students will be required to develop their Student Education & Training [SET] Plan, deciding on academic goals for the next two years.

Subject selection is a feature of this year and choices are contained within 3 pathways:

    • Academic pathway
    • Senior OP course
    • Tertiary study
    • Blend of academic and vocational study
    • Senior OP course or Senior Careerstart
    • Tertiary study, TAFE, work, traineeships, apprenticeships
    • Vocational pathway
    • Senior Careerstart
    • TAFE, work, traineeships, apprenticeships

Frequently asked questions about Year 9 & 10 Curriculum [Academic Handbook]

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