Middle Years 7 – 8

Exploration of Interests

Citipointe is sensitive to the needs of young adolescents, so the middle years of schooling receive different teaching and learning approaches.  Although we do not have a separate middle school campus, we do, however, apply middle schooling principles to these important years.

The emphasis in these years is on Exploration of Interests.  Studies include integrated units, with a focus on real life contexts.  Different learning styles and personalities of both boys and girls are catered for within gender-specific classes for some subjects, and across-the-year-level specially designed projects.

Relationships are crucial to this age group, so pastoral care receives extra attention, with the pastoral care program also accommodating the emotional and social needs of both genders, through camps, pastoral care classes, and specialist staff.

All students entering Year 7 & Year 8 are assessed so that intellectual strengths and weaknesses are more clearly identified. The College strives to cater for the range of students and student aspirations through learning support, ESL and extension classes, and streaming according to ability in some core subject areas.

Year 7 students are part of the new SevenUP program, an exciting, different educational experience designed to enable a smoother, less stressful transition between Primary and Secondary, while consolidating foundational skills and emphasising literacy and numeracy, as well as broadening their horizons with units of secondary Key Learning Areas.

In Year 8, the emphasis is on EXPLORATION OF INTERESTS, and students are given opportunity to choose some elective subjects in addition to their core course of Christian Living, English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Language Education, Business and Physical Education.  When students progress to Year 9, their core course continues, with another opportunity given for students to choose different elective experiences.


Year 7 & 8 Handbook 2018