Headmaster’s Welcome


During his first year as President of the United States, John F Kennedy was asked if he was happy being the President. “I define happiness as the Greeks did”, Kennedy said. “They believed that happiness was to be fully engaged along lines of excellence.

In the Bible, Daniel is described as having a “spirit of excellence” (Daniel 5:12).  Our hope for our students is that they will become “fully engaged along lines of excellence”,  and like Daniel, develop a spirit of excellence.

It is our privilege to help them along that pathway.

Our recent parent surveys consistently show the following to be the top five reasons why parents choose Citipointe:

  • values and culture
  • academic excellence
  • pastoral care and wellbeing
  • quality of facilities
  • school reputation

If our College sounds right for your child, I invite you to contact the College Registrar for our free Prospectus and an application pack, which contains an enrolment application, information on fees, scholarships and further details.

Pastor Ron Woolley BSc DipEd MACE FAIM FCHC