Staff Directory

Citipointe Christian College is not only school for our students, but the workplace for a large group of staff and tutors.

Staff List January 2017

Staff List January 2017  
College Executive Grace House
Pastor Ron Woolley BSc DipEd MACEL MACE FAIM FCHC
HEAD of PRIMARY Mrs Ruth Gravestein DipTch BEd MEd MACEL MACE AIMM
DIRECTOR of ICT Mr Ben Davis BInfTech (Bond) GradDipEd MEd MCP CNA
OPERATIONS / COMPLIANCE MANAGER Mr Eric Tham BEng GradDipMktg DipFinPlanning DipLifeIns
DIRECTOR of DEVELOPMENT Mrs Glenda Fitz-Payne Cert IV Business Management Cert IV Volunteer Mgmt FEdplus
(Citipointe Group Services) (Citipointe Church Brisbane)
Executive Pastor Pastor Brad Ramsey
Payroll Officer Mrs Bronwyn Henry
Payroll Mr Edward Seto BComm
(Outside School Hours Care) (OSHC is administered for the College by Citpointe Childcare)
Administration: Grace House
Office Manager; Mrs Susanna du Plessis BProc LLB DipPM
Assistant to the Registrar
Assistant to the Registrar Mrs Kelly Booth BComm GradDipMin Cert IV TESOL
Assistant to Development Director p/t Mrs Lucinda Gray BCommunications
Assistant to Development Director p/t Mr Jonas Chng BBus (Mktg) DipBusStud
Receptionist Mrs Libby Starkey
Relieving Receptionist p/t Mrs Glen Lau Cert III ChnsServcs
Data Entry Officer Mrs Barbara Heron Cert IV FinServ(Bkkpg)
PA to Headmaster & Development Director Mrs Lynn Maguire
PA to Head of Secondary Mrs Tracey Maunder
PA to Head of Primary; Primary staff secretary Mrs Lyn Meddings Cert IV Bus Admin
Business Officer Mrs Narelle de Graaff Cert IV FinServ(Bkkpg)
Business Support Officer Mrs Robyn Heath
Business Support Officer Mrs Irene Monty
Accounts Officer p/t Mrs Leonie van Lelyveld BComm (Hons) Acc’g CA (SA)
First Aid Officer p/t Mrs Michelle Hood
First Aid Officer p/t Mrs Raylene Levendal Cert Nurs
First Aid Officer p/t Mrs Glen Lau Cert III ChnsSvcs
Further Administration staff:  
Guidance Coordinator (secondary) Mrs Nadine Missenden BPsych(Hons)
Guidance Consultant p/t Mrs Sue Smith MGuid.&Couns BEd BSc(Hons) GradDipResourceTch GradDipPsychStud Member AGCA AssocM APS
Guidance Consultant (primary) Mrs Nadine Missenden BPsych(Hons)
Student Counsellor (secondary) p/t Mrs Claire Blackburn BEd GradDip(Counselling) M.Counselling:  Mediation (AMA) Cert IV TAA,CCAA (Q) (Grad) Cert IV TAE ARCAP Reg.
Performance & Instrumental:  
Director of Performance Mrs Desley Herschell CMusA ATMusA DipPR Pub & Prom Cert. PR&M
Instrumental Music Coordinator Mrs Kendre Bent BMus GradDipEd
Sports Assistant Primary p/t Mrs Kylie Hicks CertII OfficeAdmin
Sports Assistant Secondary p/t Mr Kristen Waters Cert IV Personal Training
College Uniform Store:  
Uniform Store Manager Mrs Cindy Van Manen
Uniform Store Assistant Mrs Chan Mei Lac
Computer Systems / IT:  
Director of ICT Mr Ben Davis BInfTech (Bond) GradDipEd MEd MCP CNA
Head of IT Operations & Staff Mr Craig Hepplewhite
IT Network Administrator Mr Gin Ng BInfTech (Hons2a) DipComp&NwkTech
Desktop System Engineer Mr Kai Lam BInfTech (QUT) DipInfTech
IT Systems Adminstrator Mr Thomas Ellaby Dip Nurs Dip IT MCITP
Technical Support Officer p/t Mr Matthew Mulheran Cert II IT
Technical Support Officer p/t Mr Connor O’Brien Cert III IT Dip IT CCNA (Networking)
Technical Support Officer Mr Ben Kelly Cert IV IT
Libraries: Secondary Linke Library
Head of Library Services Mrs S Borinetti BA DipEd DipTchLib
Library Technician Mrs R Bowles DipLib/Inf Services Cert III Ed Support
Library Aide p/t Mrs S Chapman
Library Aide Mrs C Boerdam
Resource Centre Officer p/t Mrs M Moore ADipSocSc(ChCare)
  Primary Library
Primary Library Coordinator; Student Support Teacher Mrs N Leigh BEd DipTch
Library Technician Mrs L Baigent BSc(LibTech)
Library Aide Mrs K Gagliardi CertTch
Library Aide p/t Mrs E Yamazaki
  Primary Resource Centre
Class Resources Officer Mrs V Mulheran
Resource Aide Mrs R Crowe Cert III Ed Support
Bus Manager Mr Michael Bunch
Assistants to Bus Manager Mr Don Braley; Mr Andrew Kerridge
College Ancillary:  
Canteen Convenor (Secondary) Mrs Ansie Loots Cert III Hosp (HygPracFoodSfty)
Canteen Coordinator; Canteen Convenor (Primary) Mrs Christine Van Den Berg Cert IV in Allied Health Nutrition and Dietetics.
Equipment and Property Officer; Receiving & Despatch Officer Ms Julie Kelly
Print Room Aide Mrs Judy Alder
Primary Ancillary:  
Administrative  Assistant Mrs P Lohr
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs J Brayley Cert III Ed Support
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Miss R Sullivan DipECE&Care Cert III EarlyChhd
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs Y Egan Cert III Ed Support
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs P Leyden BTeach
Teacher Aide (Preparatory) Mrs B Harrison-Burns Cert III Ed Support Cert Vet Nrsg
Teacher Aide (Literacy & Prep Reading) Mrs M Alder
Teacher Aide (Literacy) Mrs K Govan
Teacher Aide (Literacy) Mrs J Hatton Cert IV TESOL Cert IV TAide
Teacher Aide (Literacy) Mrs C Rice
Teacher Aide (Literacy) Mrs J Smith Cert III ChCare&TAideEd
Teacher Aide (Year 1) Mrs J Kilner BEd
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs C Russell Cert III EdSupport
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs B Kelso Cert III EdSupport
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs B Spies
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs S Sim
Teacher Aide (Art) p/t Mrs E Yamazaki Cert III Chns Serv Cert III EdSupport Cert IV HlthCommSvcs(DivThpy)
Teacher Aide (HPE) Mr A Campbell-Staines
Secondary Ancillary  
Secondary Administrative Assistant to Heads of Year Ms J Carlson DipChildCare&Ed
Secondary Administrative Assistant p/t Mrs D Stafford
Secondary Reception p/t Mrs L Francis
Secondary Reception p/t Mrs A Cairns
Secondary Administration Assistant p/t Mrs J Wren BEd DipTch
Science Technician Mr M Bowles BA GradDipEd
Science Technician p/t Mrs E Joubert BSc DipHaematology
Administrative Assistant (Vocational Education & Director of Student Care) Mrs P Myhill
Secondary Administrative Assistant Mrs J Goulding Cert IV BusAdmin
Teacher Aide Arts p/t Mrs G Parkin Cert Comm llust&Desgn
Teacher Aide Hospitality p/t Mrs B Mergard
Teacher Aide Hospitality p/t Mrs L Niesler-Cant
Teacher Aide Hospitality p/t Mrs L Francis
Technology Assistant p/t Mr G Brown
Teacher Aide (Student Support)   Mrs A Burns BA(Lit&Comm) Cert III EdSupport
Teacher Aide (Student Support) Mrs G Dowie
Teacher Aide (Student Support) p/t Mr J Beardsley
Citipointe Tutoring Academy Assistant p/t Mrs B Jackson BAdultEd&VocTrg MEComm
Director of Primary Administration; Maths Consultant; 5 Maths Ms J Harris BEd DipTch ThL
Director of Primary Teaching Learning & Innovation; 4 Maths Mrs J Blackwell BBus GradDipTch&Lng
Director of Primary Operations; Student Care (Boys); Student Support; Student Protection Officer Mr P Staines BTch Cert IV WHS GradDipEd
Director of Technology Systems (Primary); 4-6 STEM Mr Daniel Smith BTch BEd Cert IV TAE
Director of Academic Development  Mrs R Carlisle BEd
Director of Pastoral Care; Student Care (Girls)  Mrs K Clements BEd Cert III CommSvcs Cert IV TESOL
Primary Class Teachers  
Preparatory Mrs R Carlisle BEd / Ms K Bain BEd Cert III ChristnMin
Preparatory Mrs M Canaris BEd BChild&FamilyStudies
Preparatory Mr C Shield BEd
Preparatory Mrs J Burrell DipEd HDipEd
Preparatory Ms K Wahry BEd
Year 1 Ms A Morton BBus BEd
Year 1 Mr G Heffernan BEd
Year 1 Mrs D Poole BTch BEd & Mrs Catherine Stewart BTch BEd
Year 1 Mrs A Baxter BEd DipTch
Year 2 Mr W Vincent BA BTch DipChristianMinistry DipEDP
Year 2 Mr D Osypiv BEd
Year 2 Mrs A Paten BEd AssDipApplSc Cert III EdSupport
Year 2 Mrs B Smith BEd
Year 3 Mrs D Ballhause BEd Cert III ChnSvcs
Year 3 Mrs L Owens BEd Cert GE & Mrs K Clements BEd Cert III CommSvcs Cert IV TESOL
Year 3 Mr B Smith BComm GradDipEd
Year 3 Mr M Henry BMin BEd
Year 3 Mrs J Carlisle BEd
Year 4 Mrs S Speaight BEd
Year 4 Mr D Hendricks DipEd HDipEd BEd(Hons) Cert IV TAE
Year 4 Mr H ten Cate BA HDipEd BA(Hons)
Year 4 Mrs E Smith BEd GradCertEd Cert IV BusAdmin
Year 5 Mr J Curtis BEd
Year 5 Mrs L Hendricks BA BEd(Hons) HDipEd & Mrs A Hayward BTP MTch MEd
Year 5 Mr C George DipMus(Tech) GradDipEd MInfTech
Year 5 Mrs K Dinale BNurs GradDipEd CertIIICommServ
Year 5 Mr I Tang DipTch & Mrs F Pesonen BEd
Year 6 Mrs M Harvey BSc(Hons) MSc BEd(Prim)
Year 6 Mr C Osborne BEd
Year 6 Mrs N Hunt BA(Journ) BEd
Year 6 Mr J Peng BEng(Civil) GradDipTch
Year 6 Mrs L Morris DipTch AMusA
Primary Specialist Teachers  
Project Officer; 3 Maths Mrs A Hayward BTP MTch MEd
Day Reliever; Instructional Coach p/t Mrs T O’Sullivan BEd
Primary Student Support  
Student Support Coordinator (Years P- 2) Mrs J-A Staines BTch GradDipEd
Student Support Coordinator (Years 3-4) Mrs M Jones BA GradDipEd
Student Support Coordinator (Year 5-6) Mrs R Rosehr MSpecEd BEd DipTch Cert IV TESOL
Primary Learning Extension  
Learning Extension Coordinator; EAL Teacher; Instructional Coach Mrs Georgie Moriarty BA MSpEd GradDipEd Cert IV TESOL
Learning Extension: “Aspire” 4 Class Teacher; Instructional Coach; p/t Mrs J Huntington BEd
Learning Extension: “Aspire” 5 Class Teacher; Aspire Coordinator; p/t Mrs Z Horton BEd MEd(GftdEd) ATCL CertGE Cert IV TESOL
Learning Extension: “Aspire” 6 Class Teacher p/t Mrs M Brown BEd GradCertEd
Learning Extension Teacher Mrs J Lane DipTch CertGE
Primary English as an Additional Language  
English as an Additional Language Ms D Allen BA GradDipTch GradCert ChristianEd Grad Dip Min Stud Cert IV TESOL Cert III ChCommPrac
English as an Additional Language Mrs L Toms BEd AssDipEdChildCare Cert IV TESOL
English as an Additional Language Intensive Class Mrs Z Richards BScocSc GradDipEd GradCertSocAdmin CertIVTESOL
Primary Languages Education  
Language Education (Chinese); p/t Mrs E Chen BSc MSc MA(AppliedLinguistics) GradDipEd
Language Education (Spanish) p/t Ms M Grace BA BEd
Languages  Coordinator; Language Education French) p/t Mme L Doux DipEngl BFr(Hons) MFr(Lit)(Hons) GradCertTchg
Primary Arts Education  
Art p/t Mrs N Fitzgerald BEd
Music; Choral Mr D Impey BCreativeInd GradDipMusEd GradDipEd
Music pt Mrs M Betia BMusPerf BMus BEd Cert IV TESOL
Primary HPE and Sport  
Head of Primary HPE & Sport Mr J Pearson BAppSc (HMS Ed) on leave
Health & Physical Education; Pastoral Care Assistant Mr D Le Petit BBus(Mgt) BEd
Health & Physical Education Mr Michael O’Sullivan AssDipAppSc BEd
Primary Technology  
Years 3-6 Technology Mr M Dodd BIT GradDipEd
Technology Mrs K Van der Walt BEd
Director of Secondary Administration; Science Mr R Webb BSc DipEd
Director of Student Care (secondary); Careers Mr N Shuker MCareerDev BSc DipEd AdvDipMgt, DipTAA DipRelCouns DipProjMgt Cert III IT CDec (QLD) Cert IV TAE
Director of Secondary Studies; English Mr W Stewart BA(Hons) MA HDipEd FDE Cert IV TESOL
Director of Teaching & Learning (secondary); Science; “XP” Mrs C Mills BSc(Hons) MSc DipBusInfSys GradDipEd Cert IV TESOL
Director of Project Development; Mathematics;  Business Mr T Francis BEd
Secondary English  
Head of English & English as an Additional Language Ms N Fong BJourn. BA MA GradDipEd
English; Head of Year 12 Mrs L Van den Berg BA HDipEd Cert IV TESOL
Coordinator of English as an Additional Language; English Mr R Harri BEd MEd Stud
Coordinator of Christian Studies; English Mrs E Gallagher BEd MEd
English; Mrs M Sargeant BAGradDipEd
English; Head of Year 10 Mrs H Clapham-Burns BA MEdStud (Guid&Couns) GradDipEd
English; Mr J Fanning BA(AppThtre) BEd CertIV Gym&PT
English; History Mr J Paschke BEd
English; Maths; History Ms D Ray MEd GradCertEarlyChldhd
Secondary  Mathematics  
Head of Mathematics Mrs C Bornhutter BA HDipEd
Director of Project Development; Mathematics; Business Mr T Francis BEd
Mathematics Mr P Terec BEng DipTch
Mathematics Mr Q van der Merwe DipEd HDipEd
Head of Year 11; Mathematics Mr M Muller HDipEd DipBusMgt ICDL
Mathematics Mr P Wepener DipEd HDipEd
Mathematics Mr R Judge BBus(Ec) GradDipEd
Mathematics Mr N Lim BA&Ed Cert III Church & Community Practices
Mathematics; XP extension Mrs C Terec BEd Dip T(ECE) Cert III IT Cert IV Bus Cert IV TAE
Secondary Science  
Head of Science Mr L Cook BSc DipEd GradDipCompEd Cert IV TESOL
Director of Secondary Administration; Science Mr R Webb BSc DipEd
Head of Year 9; Science; Chapel Mr G Collins BSc Agric. HDipEd MEd GradCertHmnBhvr Cert IV TAE
Head of Year 7 ; Science Mr C Paten BSc GradDipEd BEd (SpEd) Cert IV TAE
Science Mrs S Taylor BA BEd
Science; Head of STEM Academy Mrs N Parsons BSc HDipEd Cert IV TESOL
Science; HPE Mr D Dyer BEd MEd Cert IV TAE AFAIM IAAAC
Head of Professional Practice; “XP” Extension Program Coordinator; Science Mrs M Fouché BA(Ed) BA(Hons)HMS Cert IV TAE
Coordinator of College Pride (Houses); Science; Geography Mr J Chan BSc BEd
Science Mr D Collins BEd
Secondary  Geography  
Head of Geography Mr M Mills BA(Hons) GradDipEd Cert IV TESOL
Geography; History Mrs S Oberholzer BA(Hons) HDipEd
Geography; English Mr A Welgemoed BA DipYouthPrep DipEd(CompEd) HDipEd
Secondary History  
Head of History Mr T Tsimboukis BA BEd HDipEd
History; English Mrs H Costello BA BEd
History; Business Mr D England BA(Criminology&CriminalJustice) GradDipHum GradDipEd
Secondary Arts  
Head of Arts Mrs S Couchman BA GradDipEd
Arts Mrs C Dennis BCreativeIndustries BEd
Arts Mr A Stephens BFineArt BEd Cert IV TAE
Arts Mrs N Stock BMus(Hons) BMusEd HDipEd
Arts Mrs L Lim BCreativeIndustries BEd
Coordinator of NOVA Arts; Arts p/t Mr G Couchman BCreativeInd BEd
NOVA Arts p/t Ms M Tsang BEd
Secondary  Technology  
Acting Head of Technology Mr P Hollyock BEd (D&T) Cert IV Hosp
Technology Mr N Cheney BEng(Civil) GradDipT&L
Technology; Arts Mrs B Dodd BMultimedia GradCertEd(HEd) CertIV TAE Grad DipEd
Technology Mrs I McMillan BInfTech MTch Cert IV TAE
Technology Mr B Palise BIT GradDipEd Cert III Carpentry
Technology; History Mr D Hatton BMin GradDipLng&Tch Cert IV TAE
Coordinator of International Student Outreach Program; Technology Mr R Guinane MDiv DipTch Dip RE Cert IV TAE Cert IV TESOL Cert III IT
Technology Mrs M White BEd(Hons) Cert IV TAE
Secondary Business  
Head of Business Mrs V Turner BEd St Dip Tch(Comm) Cert IV TAE
Business Mr L Bettinson BComm BEd
Business Mrs H Kenyon BEc DipEd GradDipSecStudEd Cert II Ed. of Music Tchrs
Head of Year 8; Business Mrs H Muller BA HDipEd
Secondary Vocational Education  
Head of Vocational Education; Business Mrs L Calero BComm BEd Cert IV TAE Cert III Business
Cert II Live Production Mentoring Coordinator Mr A Stephens BFineArt BEd Cert IV TAE
Secondary Languages Education  
Languages Coordinator; French Mr J Alexis BA MA Dip Tch BEd Med Cert IV TESOL
Languages (Chinese) p/t Ms E Kuo BA BEd
Languages (Chinese) p/t Ms S Su BA BEd MCounselling(Psychthpy) CELTA
Languages (Chinese) p/t Mrs J Lee BA Bed
Secondary Health & Physical Education  
Head of Sport, Coordinator of Health & PE Mr D Wolfik BEd Cert IV TAE
Health & PE Mrs T Turner AdvDipArts (IntDes&Dec) BBus(Events&Sports Mgmt) GradDipEd
Chapel Coordinator; Health & PE Mr W Cobb BSport&ExerciseSc DipTch CertSportsStudies
Teaching & Learning  
Director of Teaching & Learning Innovation; Director of Citipointe Christian College Academy; Science; “XP “ Mrs C Mills BSc(Hons) MSc DipBusInfSys GradDipEd Cert IV TESOL
Student Support Teacher p/t Mrs M Muller HDipEd
Student Support Teacher p/t Mrs D van Diermen BSocSc(Hons) HDipEd GradCert SpNdsEd
Academic Manager; Secondary School Preparation Program Mrs S Harker MAppLinguistics(TESOL) DipTch Cert ESL RSA (Cambridge) Cert TEFLA
Secondary School Preparation Program Mrs J Francis NatDipBusEd GradDipTch CELTA (Cambridge)
Secondary School Preparation Program Mr J Leigh BEd BD(Hons) GradDipTch GradDipMusEd Cert IV TESOL
English for Mathematics & English for Science p/t Mrs M Niemann BSc HEdDip(PG) BEd Cert IV TESOL
Homestay Coordinator Mrs H Jakins DipBus Cert IV BusAdmin
Assistant Homestay Coordinator Mrs C Geeves
Student Welfare Counsellor p/t Mrs A Murray BA(Psych)(Hons) HDipEd MA(Counselling)
Administrative Assistant p/t Mrs S Collins Cert III BusinessAdmin Cert IV TESOL