College Events

Years 3-6 House Track and Field Carnival

When: 04 June - 08 June

Where: College Main Oval

RSVP: No RSVP Needed

Parents are cordially invited to attend this year’s House Athletics Carnival. The carnival will be conducted at the college athletics oval. Monday 5 June will hold field events and Friday 9 June will be track events.

The students will need to wear their full and correct sports uniform and are encouraged to show their support for their house team by wearing a house colours T-shirt. Listed below are the house colours.

Asher — Red || Ephraim — Yellow || Judah — Green || Levi — Blue

Due to the nature of the events scheduled, the provision of shade cover and seating is limited. To maximise protection from the sun, please ensure that your child has his / her hat and applies sunscreen at regular intervals throughout the day. The college also recommends that parents bring an umbrella or similar to provide further protection and comfort from the sun, and own seating if

We are anticipating a wonderful display of athleticism and would love to see as many parents, grandparents and friends as possible to add to the spirit of the carnival and the children’s enjoyment.



The four houses